SAJIDA Foundation

Nurul Islam Biplob

Lead Researcher
Expertise: Qualitative research, Climate Migration, climate governance

Mahmuda Akter

Senior Research Associate
Expertise: locally led adaptation, Nature based solution, resilience

Mohammad Budrudzaman

Senior Research Assistant
Expertise: Non-economic Loss and Damage; Ecosystem Services; Risk Governance.

Gazi Inzamam Uz Zaman Bruny

Research Assistant
Expertise: Ethnography, agroecology

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Dr. Samiya A Selim

Principal Investigator
Expertise: Resilience, adaptation, social-ecological systems

Md Faisal Imran

Senior Research Associate
Expertise: Nature Resource Management

Ummey Habiba Iqbal

Research Assistant
Expertise: GIS, Water Resource Management, Resilience

Md. Razin Saleh Alam

Research Assistant
Expertise: Circular economy, Renewable energy, Climate change

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur

Jenia Mukherjee

Principal Investigator
Associate professor
Expertise: Transdisciplinary research, Water-society Relations

Souradip Pathak

Expertise: Governance, Hydrosocialogy, Flood

Anuradha Choudry

Co-Principal investigator
Expertise: Sanskrit studies, Psychology, Social Science

Swarnadeep Bhattacharjee

Research assistant
Expertise: environment and sustainability, computational social sciences, social ecology, cultural sociology and development.

Shreyashi Bhattacharya

Research associate

Sundarban Jana Sramajibi Manch (SJSM)

Tapas Mandal

Community Leader
Expertise: Leadership, Filmmaking

Debyojit Mondal

Expertise: Fishing, Community Mobilization, Rights

University of Lausanne

René Véron

Principal Investigator
Expertise: Governance, political ecology, geography

Emilie Crémin

Project Manager
Expertise: Risk analysis, Sustainability, Governance

… and around 40 people have already contributed to the project, from the offices to the villages in the delta