Md. Razin Saleh Alam

Md. Razin Saleh Alam is a Teaching Assistant at the Center for Sustainable Development, ULAB. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree from ULAB in English and Humanities. He previously served as a Peer Mentor at the ULAB Student Affairs Office, guiding and supporting students in their academic journeys for more than a year. In addition, Razin is a proficient graphic designer with more than three years of diverse experience, using his creative skills to communicate ideas visually and effectively. He works part-time as a translator and transcriber for research projects. Moreover, he has been actively involved in a diverse range of extracurricular activities. His research interests lie in the areas of circular economy, renewable energy, climate change, and sustainable livelihood. He is passionate about exploring innovative approaches to achieve sustainable development, focusing on creating systems that promote resource efficiency, reduce and adapt to adverse climate effects, harness renewable energy sources, and foster sustainable livelihood opportunities.