Shreyashi Bhattacharya

Shreyashi Bhattacharya is a PhD scholar working under the supervision of Dr. Jenia Mukherjee and Dr. Anuradha Choudry at the Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, IIT Kharagpur. Trained in the discipline of history and development studies, she now pursues transdisciplinary research and has recently submitted her thesis on the River Adi Ganga where she explores the complex historical, socio-ecological and cultural assemblages surrounding the river through the ‘ethno-graphical’ lens. She has been part of the transboundary EqUIP project, ‘Towards A ‘Fluid’ Governance: Hydrosocial Analysis of Flood Paradigms and Management Practices in Rhone and Ganges Basins (India, France and Switzerland)’, where she explored the history of flood resilience practices in the Sundarbans delta.
She is currently co-managing the historical research segment of the ENGAGE project, overseeing the tracking, documenting, compiling and analyzing of archival records related to social risk and resilience in the Sundarban delta.