Gobeshona Session: Building resilience

“The Gobeshona Global Conference 4 – March 2024

 The 4th Annual Gobeshona Global Conference took place on 1st March to 8th March 2024, virtually by International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD). The conference provided the opportunity to bring together a distinguished and multidisciplinary group of scholars, policy-makers, researchers, and practitioners from around the world who shared their knowledge, research, and practical experiences on climate change issues with a broad range of themes and sub-themes. The event featured keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, thematic sessions and networking sessions, and provided a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration on Climate Change. This year’s Gobeshona Global Conference focused on ‘’Monitoring the Locally-Led Adaptation and Resilience’’. The conference provided floor to those local organizations who directly work with the vulnerable communities who are at the frontline of climate change impacts. 

Our team talked in the Session “Building resilience: climate change impacts and governance in the sundarbans”

Watch the record of the session: